An anniversary is a joyous occasion, a time to honor and celebrate the love that you and your spouse share. Whether you’ve been married for years, or are just beginning your journey as newlyweds, there’s no better way to mark your time together than with breathtaking anniversary jewelry. Jewelry is romantic and everlasting, a gift that can be cherished long into the future. Best of all, each anniversary is marked by an alluring colored gemstone or precious metal, so shopping for anniversary jewelry is that much easier! If you’re in need of a little inspiration before you shop, we’ve put together a quick list of anniversary jewelry gift ideas that are certain to make your sweetheart swoon.

1st Anniversary

image of gold anniversary jewelry

The traditional gift for first anniversaries is gold, while the modern alternative is green peridot. Gold is commonly used for jewelry and watchmaking, meaning your options will be plenty if you decide to go the traditional route. A gold bangle bracelet or pair of gold hoop earrings is the perfect gift that she can wear every day. If you’re working with a modest budget, peridot is a bit more reasonably priced. This enchanting green gemstone can be found in all types of anniversary jewelry. Surprise her with an elegant pair of peridot studs for a unique gift that she surely won’t expect.

5th Anniversary

image of tourmaline anniversary jewelry

To mark a 5th wedding anniversary, you can give the gift of sapphire or pink tourmaline. Both of these richly colored gemstones make a spectacular surprise for the loved one in your life. A pink tourmaline pendant is a vibrant accessory to compliment her favorite outfit. Or perhaps she’d prefer a deep, blue sapphire ring that makes her look and feel like royalty. If blue is not her best color, not to worry! Sapphires come in a spectrum of colors like warm, golden yellow and enchanting, rich purples, so there’s something for every taste!

10th Anniversary

image of diamond anniversary jewelry

10th anniversaries are traditionally celebrated with every woman’s favorite gemstone—diamonds! There are a wealth of options to choose from when it comes to diamond anniversary jewelry. Dazzle her with a delicate diamond pendant that she can wear with anything. Or perhaps a vintage diamond ring to symbolize your continued love and commitment to her. If she’s a bit more reserved, a pair of diamond studs make a sleek and elegant gift that any lady is sure to love!  No matter what you choose, you can never go wrong with sparkling diamond anniversary jewelry.

15th Anniversary

image of ruby anniversary jewelry

Romantic red rubies are the traditional gemstone to mark 15th wedding anniversaries, while alexandrite is the modern alternative. If you’re celebrating 15 years with your sweetheart, these two popular gemstones make a superb gift. She’ll look ravishing in a ruby bracelet, or even a charming ruby brooch. Rubies look great on their own, but are exceptionally beautiful when paired with diamonds. Alexandrite, on the other hand, has unique color changing properties that make it especially attractive in anniversary jewelry. This exotic gemstone is known as the “emerald by day, ruby by night,” appearing to be a greenish-blue color in daylight, and a deep red to purple in darker environments. If she loves pieces that are a bit unusual, she’ll be mesmerized by a piece of alexandrite anniversary jewelry.

20th Anniversary

image of emerald anniversary jewelry

20 years of marriage is quite an accomplishment, and a wonderful excuse to spoil your loved one. The traditional gemstone for 20th anniversaries is emerald, and the contemporary alternative is yellow diamond. These vibrant, cheerful gemstones look beautiful set in jewelry, and will surely brighten her day with each wear. A vintage emerald cocktail ring is an eye-catching statement piece that she’ll love to accessorize with. Or, if yellow is more her color, she’ll glow in a pair of brilliant yellow diamond earrings. What better way to show her just how much you love and cherish her than with splendid emerald and yellow diamond anniversary jewelry?

30th Anniversary

image of pearl anniversary jewelry

The 30th year of marriage is celebrated with pearls, and is known as the pearl jubilee. Pearls are classic and timeless, a fitting representation of your love that has endured for so long. An elegant strand of pearls makes a charming gift, one that she’ll wear for many years to come. If she prefers something with a bit of sparkle, opt for a pair of pearl earrings with delicate diamond accents. Pearls come in a variety of colors besides the traditional white that you’re probably familiar with. Golden pearls, for example, have a warm, champagne colored glow that looks especially glamorous. She’ll be itching to get dressed up and show off her new pearl anniversary jewelry!

50th Anniversary

image of gold anniversary jewelry

Not many couples can boast that they’ve made it 50 years with their better half. Imagine all of the tender moments you’ve undoubtedly shared with someone after that many years as one. 50 years should be celebrated spectacularly, which is why it’s known as the golden jubilee. For your first anniversary, you may not have been able to afford anything extravagant. After all, the first year of marriage is full of ups and downs. Hopefully, after half a century together, you’re better established and able to splurge a bit on something truly special for your darling. A luxurious gold watch always makes a wonderful gift for a polished look. If jewelry is more her style, a gold diamond bracelet is the perfect gift to completely dazzle her.

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